Steel Import License

Welcome to the Department of Commerce On-Line Steel Licensing System

The steel import licensing system's computer system will be unavailable this weekend (Feb 28th & March 1st) in preparation to move to the new platform. Please prepare accordingly.

Please bookmark the new Steel License System

After March 2, if you try to access the current system you will be re-directed to the new system. You will be unable to access licenses in the current system. If you need to make corrections or cancellations to any previous licenses, please do so before the current system is turned off. Licenses from the current system, however, will still be valid after the new system is launched. You must contact our office to make any corrections or cancellations for licenses created prior to March 2, 2009.

On the new system you will need a NEW user ID and password. Nearly 1,200 of you have registered early for a new user ID. After March 2, you may change the passwords issued to you in the new system. For those of you who have already registered in the new system, a reminder email with your assigned password will be re-sent on Saturday, February 28th. If you haven't yet gotten a new user ID on the new computer system, please visit:

If you created templates in the current system, these templates will not transfer to the new system. If you wish to use template in the new system, you will need to recreate them. Please prepare by printing out current templates so that you have the information in order to recreate your templates. We have made the use of templates easier in the new system by including name options rather than the use of numbers.


Should you run into any difficulties, please refer to the tutorial about how to use the new system at:

As always, please feel to contact us with any questions by email or by telephone (202) 482-2105. Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Also, please note we don't expect the computer change to have any impact on the import monitor.

Thank you.

Steel Import Monitoring and Analysis
(202) 482-2105